Reliable, strong, allowing preservation without additives, long shelf life without the extra expense of energy for refrigeration and of course 100 % recyclable.
The advantages of metal packaging are many and allow you to meet the challenges of today. Discover the advantages of metal.
And because our packaging protect products which the consumers put on their plate and on that of their children,
We maintain the highest standards of quality and safety of the packaging which we offer to you.


A worldwide presence with our 6 factories that can support your business wherever you are. Our reliability and strong service-oriented approach makes us a leader in manufacturing of metal twist closures. Discover our wide range of custom products and we will work with you to meet your specific needs.

Food cans

Did you know that more than 1500 products can be canned? From single-serve cans, to family meal-size as well as food service, we offer more than 80 types of cans, to serve all markets to the most demanding: fish, vegetables, prepared meals, fruits, powders and infant milks. Our multiple locations and our technical assistance allow us to be closer to your production centers to serve you quickly and efficiently.

Oil and syrup cans

Our range of waterproof and opaque cans for syrups, sauces and edible oils are made of 100% recyclable steel.  Thanks to our expansion and printing technology, we can create a package that will make your product stand out on the shelf and capitalize on the added value of metal packaging in the eyes of consumers.


We design and manufacture machines for dosing, capping, seaming and packaging of your products. Massilly Services teams are also at your disposal to audit your packaging lines and help you optimize your processes to gain efficiency and serenity.

Bottles and glass jars

Our distribution subsidiary Conservor offers you a selection of glass jars and bottles to package your products. This service, which is linked to the distribution of our caps and muselets, allows us to offer you turnkey packaging solutions to make your life easier and allow you to focus on your business.

Find our offerings and our catalogues on the website of Conservor by clicking here