Our wide range of machines lets us support your needs and deliver solutions that complement your processes, no matter what products you are processing or your markets (food, cosmetics, etc).

Our machines adapt to different kinds of packaging: jars, cans, bottles, trays, pouches… and the processing pace that suits you.

-       Depalletisers and unpacking tables,

-       Universal cleaner: turns over packaging with filtered air mechanical scan,

-       Convoyer system,

-       Transfer pump,

-       Washer / Dryer: continuous washing tunnel with recycled and heated water and continuous drying tunnel,

-       Casing / uncasing table

-       And others…

Our machines are designed to reduce cleaning time (Cleaning In Place - CIP - possible).

We offer a complete range of services to make life easier so you can focus on your job. Whatever your company’s size, and no matter where you are:

-       Machines can be rented via our finance provider,

-       maintenance contract,

-       sale of spare parts,

-       after sales service and Hotline provided by our technicians with remote repair possible via integrated modem (if machine fitted),

-       assessment and installation of Massilly Services processing line,

-       We can offer you detailed training in machine operation at the time of setting up your machine or later depending on your needs, and also technical training for your maintenance service.

Our processing machines are available per unit but we also support you in planning and installing complete lines according to your production space, products and processes.

Contact us and let’s work out together the most effective way to answer your needs.