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thanks to safe and effective Metal packaging

Massilly, Metal Lovers since 1911


For 4 generations, we have continued to believe in the strength of metal, its reliability, simplicity, effectiveness and ability to respond to the social and environmental issues of the day.

We believe in our mission: to protect, preserve and promote the products of Nature and our clients, through effective and safe metal packaging.

We believe in our values and strengths: our independent and robust structure, our diverse range of products, and our adaptability worthy of a local partner but with the means of a multinational.

We believe in our clients and our common desire to build sustainable growth together.

Metal. Good for you, good for everyone

0 %
of metal packaging recycled in Europe
0 %
reduction in metal thickness in 30 years for a 3-piece can
preservative needed in the cans of vegetable, fruit of fish
0 %
responsible for the quality and safety of our packaging

1,001 ways to protect your products

Food packaging

Tin cans, closures, cans for oil and syrup, we offer you the widest range of products possible to satisfy even the most demanding markets.

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Aerosol cans

Key player on the European market, we make our aerosol products in 100% recyclable steel for the cosmetic, house maintenance and chemistry markets.

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Industrial packaging

A diverse line of industrial packaging suitable for the demands of each use and each market, made in our 6 European factories close to your production centre.

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Decorated tin boxes

Round, folded, embossed... our industrial tool and our flexibility allow us to create a box to suit you, whether in small series or in industrial quantities.

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Our services to help you grow

Research & Development

We create packaging for you that will best suit your products, your processes and your clients.

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Metal printing and finishing touches

We strive to faithfully transpose in metal the most beautiful expression of your brand.

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Customer technical support

Our experts support you on the ground to guarantee efficiency and peace of mind.

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Conception of packaging systems

We make machines and implement packaging systems.

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