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Born in 1911 in Burgundy, Massilly’s history is that of a family company which has become a global player in metal packaging… without ever forgetting its values.

We believe in the beneficial qualities of metal, in its ability to protect our clients’ products as well as the planet. Likewise, we are convinced that our values of proximity, reliability and respect for humanity will alsoensure our longevity and satisfy our clients.

This is why, for over a century, we have been driven by our passion for metal and a unique mindset.



The advantages of metal

Resistance, safety, recyclability. The benefits of metal packaging are multiple, to protect and add value to your products. 


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Our attitude

For more than 100 years, we have been driven by our passion for metal and a unique mindset.


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Our locations

25 subsidiaries in 15 countries: a geographical proximity to best serve our clients and understand their markets.


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Our history

Founded in 1911, Massilly has grown through the expertise of metal packaging


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Generations since 1911


Massilly, a key player in industry

Fully involved in its field of activity, Massilly plays an active role in the metal packaging industry bodies, both at local level - in every country where we are established – and at European level.


In all the group’s activities, from foodstuff packaging to aerosol cans, Massilly shares its metal packaging expertise to help progress the entire profession and subsidiaries:



Metal Packaging Europe

Metal Packaging Europe gives a united voice to the European metal packaging industry by bringing together manufacturers, suppliers and national associations.


Local bodies

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Food industry

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Aerosol industry

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Other participations

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