With this clever closing system, we have shown that it’s possible – when you have a bright idea – to enhance simple products into competitive and user-friendly ones. This is our ambition, which brings new perspectives to our customers.

TOPLock is a simple, fast and reliable automatic closing system for different types of lids: ring and latch, Störing and safety rings.

Massilly provides lids with ring and latch and plastic pins already fitted. Less manning is required on your line for closing and no pain for your workers (effort free). Same tooling for TOPLock and Störing lids saves you time (same diameter). No more rings to put on the lids (they are already fitted).

If you’re using different diameters, tooling changes in less than one minute.

We are at your disposal for any free demo / trials you’d like to make. Once convinced, we are always there to help you install this simple revolutionary TOPLock technology on your site.