We offer you more than 15 references of metal welded cylindrical canisters for capacities from 150ml to 2 litres:

- 8 diameters available: from 52 to 108 mm
- Flat or dome lid
- Spout cap, children safe cap, ...
- Different piercings available depending on can size: DIN 24, 42, 57
- Embossed tactile triangle danger mark on demand
- CODG homologation UN / RID-ADR for some formats
- Various finishes available / personalised printing
- Standard cans on stock available on short notice

Our cylindrical canisters are suitable for lubricants, solvents, paint removers, waxes, glues, chemical products, household products, as well as many other uses.

They can be homologated for the Carriage Of Dangerous Goods (CODG).

Discover as well our range for your food products in our Food Packaging section