As a filling specialist for nearly 40 years, with over 3,000 clients, Massilly Services offers you one of the widest ranges of filling machines for every type of product: liquid, low to high viscosity, with or without lumps…

-       pneumatic or electric filling machine,

-       mono- or multi-head,

-       semi-automatic or automatic,

-       speed adapted to your specifications,

-       product: jam, soup, pate, rillettes, foie gras, sauce, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, puree, brandade, ready-cooked dishes, processed cheese, cream, flan, ice-cream, taramasalata, chocolate, spread, honey, and more

-       delicate products (mousse, whipped products, prepared salads, fish roe,...), difficult products with particles etc...

Our machines are designed to reduce cleaning time (Cleaning In Place - CIP - possible).

Massilly Services offers comprehensive support in assessing and implementing your filling machines as well as all the associated services, to make life easier so you can focus on your job. Whatever your company’s size, and no matter where you are:

-       filling machines can be rented via our finance provider,

-       audit and maintenance contract,

-       sale of spare parts,

-       after sales service and Hotline provided by our technicians with remote repair possible via integrated modem (if machine fitted),

-       checking by trial with your products on your premises or ours,

-       assessment and installation of Massilly Services processing line

-       training in Massilly Services filling machines

Contact us and let’s work out together the most effective way to answer your needs.