Discover our range of tins for spices
These formats are available on stock and can be shiped in small quantities.
Many sizes and options are available to perfectly fit to your spice: 
• A dosing opening made of metal or plastic with different holes sizes
• A window on the lid or on the body to have a view on the content
• Different types of lids: double lids, slip lids...
We can also develop for you a tailor-made format as of 3000 pieces. 
There are many benefits in using tins for spices:
• Your spices keep their freshness and flavour longer
• Spices tins are refillable and reusable
• Your consumers keep your branded tin even after having finished your product
• Spices tins are practical and robust and bring quality and security
• They can be personnalized
Massilly spices tins are made of metal that recycles forever
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