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The Massilly Group's history




  • In 1911

Robert Bindschedler bought an old mill, located in the Massilly commune (south of Burgundy), that had belonged to the prestigious Abbey of Cluny.


Le groupe Massilly en 1911


 In it he installed a battery of turbines and, with the produced electricity, recuperated by electrolysis the tin from the tinplate waste.

After the first World War, Massilly began transforming tinplate for household appliance productions. 


Le groupe Massilly en 1950


  • In 1952

The Robert Bindschedler Company, as a contract printer and marketer of tinplate, was established. RB SA would later become a modern service centre dedicated to the cutting and printing of tinplate and aluminium.
Massilly, already specialized in the production of caps (Eurocap, screw caps ...) decided to develop this business in order to meet the growing demand in preserve glass jars.


  •  In 1962

 Pierre Bindschedler (founder's son) signed an agreement with Anchor-Hocking -an American Group- to manufacture "Twist" type capsules and for the supply of sealing equipement. These "Illico" and "Euro-Twist" brand named capsules where initially produced by tens of millions and their demand increased steadily. Today, the Massilly Groups sells 2.5 billion units. 


Le groupe Massilly en 1970


  •  In 1976

 The manufacturing of tin cans changed radically. Massilly immediately adopted two new techniques: electrical welding as well as stamping and re-stamping. 

Le groupe Massilly en 1980


  • During the 80's.

 The Group gradually settled in the United-Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland and Italy. More recently, plants were set up in Canada, Ghana and South Africa.

In France, Massilly developed in fields close to its core business with the acquisition of Franpac, leader in metal packaging for fish; with the establishment of a pole of machinery and tools to meet its own needs as well as those of its customers (Massiservices); and with the integration of international retailers and wholesalers.


  • During the Years 2000

 The Massilly Group strengthened through the IberEmbal Company specialising in food cans, mainly for vegetables and fish.

Then in 2006, the Group took over the tinplate business  of Safet Embamet.

The Latinpack Company, specialising in the manufacture of  "Euro Twist" caps and based in Lima - Peru-,  was later established in 2007.


  •  Nowadays

 The Group has a turnover of more than €300 million, employs over 1.200 people in more than 25 companies exclusively in the metal packaging markets. 


Le groupe Massilly en 2000