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Easy-open lids

Les produits Food cans

The MASSILLY group offers a very wide range of 2-piece, 3-piece cans and standard and easy-open lids.

Our packaging array meets requirements to pack vegetables, fish, pâté, ready-made food as well as powders.


This large experience that is recognised and appreciated by prestigious customers result from efforts deployed along with technological evolutions and respond to market demand. At each level of the MASSILLY group, men and women’s skills and passion are at the service of users.


Our know-how encompasses the design of products and their production through processes of cutting, welding and stamping as well as the creation of DTP artworks and metal prints. Our modern equipments allow us to respond to expectations in terms of efficiency and market flexibility. 


Standard round ends made of tinplate and ECCS from Ø 65mm to Ø 214mm.

EOE round ends made of tinplate and ECCS from Ø 65mm to Ø 99mm, with the possibility to place the pull-tab on some of these formats in accordance with the printed artwork.

Rectangular or oval ends made of tinplate ECCS or aluminium responding to the whole range of custom-shaped cans that we manufacture.